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BuzzyBee is a Flappy Bird/Copter Crossover made for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 14! 

Designed to be fun to play and replayable, you are a bee trying to get home in this infinite runner. Avoid spikes, pipes and bees from enemy hives, as well as collect flowers in the attempt to get the best score possible. 

This game was originally made in 48 hours! 

I decided to work on it at a later date and publish a demo version with a new enemy type, bug fixes and additional features. 


LMB - Fly, RMB - Shoot, Esc - Quit 


Art, Design & Programming by Joel Draper 

Music from incompetech.com

Sounds from freesound.org

Fonts: Arial & KR Little Buzz.

The game is in English only.


BuzzyBee_Demo.zip 18 MB
BuzzyBee_GameJam.zip 18 MB

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